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The more I use the purchased version of English-French the worse it seems. Many entries are just plain wrong. Cross referrence is impossible. Don’t bother.

not very useful

I use this dictionary to translate academic German. Very often, the word Im looking for isnt in the app, so I have to resort to my desk dictionary. Not worth it.

at least it works now

When I initially bought this app the right-click feature didnt work, so it was essentially the same as the free one. It seems they have fixed this problem. While the dictionary isnt extensive synonym wise (you usually get one word translations, instead of a range of words, and theres no ability to comment or ask questions like WordReference), it does a very basic, but passable job.

Good, but a couple of suggestions to make it even better

I like the simple presentation of the translations - not too much real state taken up. Im using the paid Spanish dictionary to help with my learning of Spanish. Hwever, the app would benefit from having forward and backward buttons in the toolbar, which would encourage exploration of alternate definitions, etc. Also the ability to double click a word in the definition, and have the program take us to that entry. Finally, verb conjugations (in Spanish) should show the present and past participle forms.

Not bad for a beginner

For a beginner to a new language this dictionary is great. For someone more advanced, not the best investment. There are not a lot of words used in my University lectures that Ive been able to find on here; can get a little frustrating. So I reccomend, if you want a great dictionary, unfortunetly youll have to spend a bit more money in order to get the quality. This app is however very helpful though, for showing conjugations of verbs in different tenses. This is about the only thing I like about it.

Nice tool

I always use this when I write compositions for my german class or when im bored and just want to look up words. I find its the coolest thing but I wish there were more words. :D

Absolutely no way to use!


Good Application

I liked the app. Even though, it needs some improvements (some words are hard to find or simply arent there).

Resroucefull little tool

This is an invaluable tool for me. Yes, it could have more words in it, but I love the fact that I can look up a verb in Italian, or Spanish and see how to properly conjugate that verb. I work in Italian, and consequently am learning Italian. I use this tool on a regular basis. It doesn’t have every word I need, but it is extremely useful. It is free (not even ads), give it a try. You will love it. Also in Preferences you can check the box to show paid version words… there are all those words I was looking for... I haven’t paid from them yet. I cannot think of a better way to give away your very resourceful dictionary for FREE and still make a living. I personally think it is a very nice app. I keep them on to remind me if I really need to, I can always buy the full app with more words.

Absolutely Worthless

This is purely an advertisement for the full $10 version. Dont waste your time

Big Lie

Get this software and get nothing. Youll have a handful of words, all the rest is extra. To advertise this piece of … for free is a crime.

Complete BS!

Note to self: Read previous remarks before download.

Spanish on Mac

This app has a sample English Spanish dictionary and a few other langs. The complete dictionary is available to buy from inside the app. I liked the layout and single lookup so I got the complete Spanish English dictionary. I appreciate being able to try the app first, wish more developers would offer free versions.

Fench English Dictionary

I use the paid version of the French English Dictionary. Ive been using it to read LeMonde and Paris Match online, cant believe how much stuff you can find. There is a good list of French mags on Multilingualbooks web site. The dictionary word selection is excellent and there are multiple translations for most of the entries. Im working on my French verbs so I really appreciate the verb conjugations.

Useful Dictionary

I travel extensively in Latin America. I bought an iPhone dictionary made by same vendor, liked it and decided to get this one to look up words in emails and reading docs. The Spanish Dictionary could use more usage examples but overall I think its good value and beats paper dictionary by a mile. This is a real dicionary with multiple meanings for words, part of speech, gender, not just a word roll. Its got a nice feature to lookup words from within Safari. Ping developer if you get stuck on this as no user guide. J

Some free definitions, but most must be purchased

Its a quick and free download to check this out, and that is a good thing. However, the sample screen shots seem only to show the app after one has purchased the in-app dictionaries (admittedly low cost at only $9.99). What is not shown is the fully free version which inludes a list of words in the left pane, and the translations are freely available for some words, but most have a little lock symbol next to them indicating the dictionary must be purchased for those translations. I understand how this frustrates some folks, but the app is FREE after all. For a simple list of words and translations, this app is probably OK if you see it as a $9.99 purchase, and get the offered dictionary for at least one language. For most users, I suspect the free version will be inadequate. For a more complete dual language tool, there are better options available, albeit at a higher price. Having tried this low cost option, I am now headed to the Ultralingua app myself. The iOS version is great, and I want that capability on my Mac.


Waste of time. Dont get it. It doesnt give you any useful words...

cool dictionary, try wierd voice!

I love this dictionary. Has many useful words and I really like the phrasebook. The first time I used this app, I tried using it with a voice called "Cellos" which is a wierd robot voice in control panel. Made using this app even better.

English French dictionary & phrases

I have been using this dictionary for a few months and it has proved to be a great resource for my French class. The app has Spanish, German and Italian but this review is based on my use of French. The basic dictionary has a good size database, sufficient for first and second year students. The translations include French noun genders, type of word and most entries have a few meanings. The free version doesn’t have a lot of usage examples but you can upgrade to comprehensive version from within the app or $10. Verbs are conjugated in all tenses like in one of those 601 verb books. Once the dictionary is installed you can lookup words from Safari with ctrl-click. I like using this when reading Le Monde online. This update has a phrasebook with categories for traveling, customs, hotels, etc. There is a category called My Phrases to let you add your own. The button to add phrases is hard to find, check upper right of screen. All the phrases, including your own can be searched by keyword. An extended phrasebook is also offered as addon. You can listen to dictionary words and phrases using text 2 speech. You’ll need to download the French voice if it’s not already installed on you Mac. I would like to see phonetic pronunciation in the future for when Im in the library and dont have my headphones. Overall, I’ve found One World Dictionary to be very useful for learning French.

Great dictionary application

I learned français and Deutsch with Rosetta Stone and now I am just using this application to figure out congegations and new vocabulary and it works great.

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